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Dr. Vilmányi Tax Expert Office Ltd.

Ágnes Vilmányi, who was the former head of Dr. Vilmányi and Partners Law Firm and who is currently the managing director of Dr. Vilmányi Tax Expert Office Ltd. has represented personally and with her team a lot of private persons and undertakings in course of tax audits, VAT reclaims and liquidation procedures.

As due to recommendations Ms. Vilmányi has represented successfully many foreign companies in course of tax litigation and liquidation procedures, our company would like to open in a wider range towards foreign enterprises.

Basically, we would like to offer our services towards those foreign clients, who would like to receive professional help in respect of Hungarian taxation issues, or who have any kind of disputes with the Hungarian Tax Authority, or whose company went into a winding-up or a liquidation procedure. These fields require special experience and professional knowledge, which you may receive from Dr. Vilmányi Tax Expert Office Ltd.

Dr. Vilmányi Tax Expert Office Ltd. is not a multinational tax advisor company and we do not cooperate with international law firms, as those services which we offer do not require such cooperation. On the other hand, we are in an advantageous position compared to multinational advisory firms in respect of our services which require professional knowledge.

The members of our team have all worked previously for the Hungarian Tax Authority, which is definitely a great advantage in respect of the services we offer.  Our colleagues have represented successfully Hungarian affiliates of foreign multinational companies and also foreign private persons in course of various tax litigation and winding-up/liquidation procedures as well.

It is important to know that due to the strict corporate law, accounting and taxation rules applicable in Hungary, it might happen, that the criminal responsibility of a managing director is established due to certain accounting and taxation problems established in course of a tax audit (ordered for any reason) or a liquidation procedure. Hence, the risk of such criminal responsibility may be eliminated, if the client has a professional representative.

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History of Dr. Vilmányi and Partners Law Firm, achieved results
The law firm was established by Ágnes Vilmányi.
- 1993: Ágnes Vilmányi started her carrier in Székesfehérvár (Fejér county) at the Tax Authority, where she was unit head of the legal department.
- 1993-1998: As an individual attorney, Ms. Vilmányi was the permanent legal representative of various Hungarian companies, but besides the aforementioned, she represented various other tax cases (litigation procedures) successfully as well.
- 1998: The Vilmányi Law Firm - due to the increase of the number of clients – began to operate in a new structure with new colleagues, where the two main types of services offered was the permanent general legal representation of clients and their representation in course of tax litigation procedures. Since the law firm was established, this duality was always present.
- 2013: The
Dr. Vilmányi Tax Expert Office Ltd.began to operate with new structure and new solutions and open in a wider range towards foreign enterprises.

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